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You Went to the Wedding Show..Now What?

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OK you went to the Bridal Show.  You were malled by vendors.  You saw so many dresses you cannot even remember which one you liked. You ate way more cake than you should have.  Your head is still spinning and the show was last weekend!  AHHHHH!  Do you feel overwhelmed?   I thought Bridal Shows were suppose to help.  Well just stop for a moment and catch your breath.  I am sure you have a bag full of STUFF!  Great go get it.  You probably took all kinds of cards and brochures.  Now is the time to go through that STUFF and see what will work for you.

Think back on the day, when you got to the show what vendors appealed to you and why?  Who made you feel comfortable?  Who gave you information you could really use?  Were there any booths that just made you stop and look.  Pull those cards or brochures out, check their Websites, Facebook, and Twitter.  Don’t make this more complicated than it has to be.  Don’t assume prices.  Call and talk to these vendors see if they are a good fit.  Yes, I said a good fit.  Don’t just pick your wedding vendor on price.  I know price is a factor but you have to make sure you feel comfortable with these people.  Duh, you are asking these people to be part of one of the most important days of your life.  You better be able to relate to them and they better be able to relate to you.  Call them, make an appointment for a consultation.  Your first consultation is usually complimentary with most vendors anyway.

OK, so you make the appointment, now what?  Be prepared for the appointment.  If you are going to see a florist have an idea of the flowers you like or don’t like.  If you are going to a DJ think about what mood you want to create for your reception.  Will that DJ work for your guests, is he clubish, conservative, hip hop????  It is OK to think like this you have to find vendors that fit you and your guest.  Yes, I said guests too!  Are you meeting with a planner?  How much control or you want or not want?  Do you want the whole nine yards of planning or are you just interested in the day of?  What about Decor who is going to set up and tear down?

Here are a few questions and things to think about when you meet with a wedding vendor:

Questions to ask:

  1. Can I see samples of your work?  Most vendors will have pictures, video, or Like Eldon at “Forget Me Not Flowers”, He will bring out the whole cooler of flowers for you (don’t ask him to do that I am exaggerating.  He will go to the cooler and show you the types of flowers though within reason.)
  2. Are their reviews that I can read?  You can usually get reviews of vendors online at or  Most vendors will even give you a copy of recent reviews.
  3. What will work with my budget?  Talk to the vendor about your budget see what will work.  Please be realistic, remember these people make their living at this.  Yes they pay their electric bill, gas, and mortgage….just like you do with the money you make from going to work.  So be fair!

Things to think about:

  1. How did you feel during and after the appointment?  Yes this is important.  Were you comfortable?  Did you gain valuable information that will help you the day of your wedding?
  2. Did you feel pressured?  If you were pressured this may be a red flag.
  3. Did you talk about Budget?  How will they work into your budget?

Well, you have alot to think about and so much to plan.  I realize there is much to do but like we tell all of our Brides, “So, you’re getting married.  Keep it in perspective and Enjoy the Moment!”  So get out there and have fun!

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Want to use this information in your Blog? You can but you must include this statement: Written By: Margaret Moore Senior Planner of Simple Elegance where it is more than just a wedding, it’s your memory. Visit us at So you’re getting married, keep it in perspective. Enjoy the Moment!

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