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How to Relax Before Your Wedding Day

How to Relax Before Your Wedding Day
5 things to do the night before
By Hannah Kiefer


So, you’ve made all the preparations. Everything’s prepared, everything’s set, and now it’s the end of the evening, the night before the big day. Of course, you’re nervous, and all kinds of thoughts are running through your head about tomorrow. But one thing that is highly important, beyond being prepared in terms of plans, appointments, etc., is being mentally and emotionally prepared. Having you, yourself, and your mind ready and rested, is definitely at the top of that list of preparation.

5 things to do the night before:

  1. Treat your evening routine like it’s any evening. When athletes get ready for a race, they treat it like any normal practice. There’s no reason to warm up more or less, to stretch any differently than you normally do, to deviate away from your normal routine. Sometimes doing those kinds of things just makes you more nervous. Prepping for a big race like it’s a normal practice relaxes an athlete—takes off the pressure of an event that involves quite a bit of pressure and significance. So, if you’re feeling the jitters, calm yourself down by keeping your normal before-bedtime routine. Don’t take a bunch of sleeping pills or go to bed three hours earlier than usual–just do everything like you normally do, in order to calm yourself. 
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Anyone knows that eight hours of sleep will leave you fresh and rested the next day (if you regularly get seven or nine hours, then go with that—best not to over- or under-do it). Two nights in a row of your regular amount of sleep is an even better tactic (what usually affects your day is not the “last night,” but the “night before”). 
  3. Set a back-up alarm. Despite the above advice, it is a good idea to take some extra preparations and precautions you normally wouldn’t (I mean, heck, it is your wedding). Definitely set an extra alarm for the morning, one that is out of arm’s reach. If you tend to be a heavy sleeper, or you’ve had a past of accidentally sleeping through your alarm on important mornings, have someone call you in the morning. 
  4. Eat a decent breakfast. Breakfast is your start to the day—it’s your first meal, the one that gives you energy and fuels you until lunch (or even dinner, in this case). Eat what you consider a decent breakfast, whether that’s eggs and sausage or oatmeal and an apple. You want to make sure you’re full and won’t be starving later, but you also don’t want to stuff yourself for no reason. Avoid foods that tend to give you an upset stomach, or that might give you gas. Make sure to drink water and juice as well—you’ll need to be hydrated for your big day. Avoid caffeinated drinks if you don’t have them regularly—caffeine is a diuretic, which dehydrates you and will mean more trips to the restroom. 
  5. Consider a “spa session” for the day before.  Of course, this would apply to the day before, not evening or night. If you know an hour at the spa would relax you, then go ahead and book one. If you’ve never been and you don’t want to spend the money, then have your own little relaxation session. Put at least half an hour aside for yourself—watch your favorite show in your pajamas, listen to some of your favorite music while eating ice cream, take a walk in the park, go for a run in your favorite part of town. Let all thoughts and anxiety go away, put everything at the back of your mind, and just be with yourself for a while. 

 With these five tips, you should be relaxed and ready! Best of luck!

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