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A Few Wedding Cakes You Should Avoid


The wedding cake!   There it is in the center of the room, special lighting illuminates the lovely butter cream frosting, how beautiful!   The bride highlights everything in her favorite color, red.  She insisted that the cake be piped with red icing and covered with red butter cream roses.  Red, Red, Red! Little does she realize that now all her guests will have lovely red lips and tongues.  I mean red!  Yes, red from the food dye in her red roses and red frosting will dye her lips and her guests lips and tongue a beautiful bright red.  You get the picture.  This is definitely an oops moment you can avoid.  So you see there are some things to think about when choosing your cake.

Colors to avoid are bright colors like Blue, purple, bright pink and red.  I am not saying a touch here, or there is an absolutely out of the question. You will want to remember that the food coloring will dye you and your guests lips and tongue that color.  Yikes blue lips!  Not only that what groom doesn’t try to smash the cake in the bride’s face? Red icing – White dress!  Do I need to say more?  If you need the color use gum paste flowers, ribbon, or fresh flowers.

Your reception venue will determine much about your cake.  Are you having a tent reception is July?  Will the tent be air conditioned? Butter Cream is wonderful. Personally it is my favorite but it melts in the heat. So consider your surroundings when making your final choices. If you are having an outside reception with no air conditioning, you will want to make sure the cake is refrigerated properly until it is cut and then served

Your reception venue will also play a role in determining the construction of your cake. If you live in an urban area this is not such a big factor but for those of you who want a rural wedding this is something to consider.

What about allergies?  If you know of any food allergies among your guest you will want to consider your cake and it’s ingredients.  Peanut or nut allergies?  What about those that may be allergic to chocolate? While you can’t please every single person at your reception you can be considerate of those you know with issues. Why not have an alternative desert just for them? Sure it is a little bit extra in time and money but I am sure they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Every bride has their idea of what they just have to have. These are just a few tips to think about when ordering your wedding cake.

So you’re getting married, keep it in perspective. Enjoy the Moment!

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