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What To Do When Disaster Strikes While Planning Your Wedding

It is a lovely November afternoon in Chicago. You’re driving home from work and you hear on the radio, “Extra Alarm Fire today in Oak Lawn’s Eva’s Bridal Shoppe leaves brides scrambling after hundreds of wedding dresses were destroyed when the longtime bridal shop went up in flames.” What do you do?

How to Cope with Wedding Day Catastrophes

When you envision your wedding, you see it as the perfect day, right? You want that special day to happen just as planned—everyone will be on time, your bridal party will walk down the aisle without tripping, you’ll remember your vows and so will he, the rings will slip on your fingers with ease, the weather will be beautiful, and everyone will be smiling. Things go smoothly without a hitch.
But then, it happens. Torrential Rains, a tornado, the tent company rented your tent to someone else and you have 300 guests coming, you’re from Atlanta getting married in Illinois your dress is four inches higher on one side compared to the other and your wedding is in two days….. The list goes on! These are all real stories and we do have more!

Organizing a Wedding – 9 Steps You Can’t Miss

Keeping yourself organized is no easy task while planning a wedding. Emotions will run high and far too often Brides make things more complicated than they need to. So let’s focus on 9 things you need to do to stay organized. If you are organized you will have a calmer attitude, which means you will enjoy your day. If you are unorganized you will be a frantic mess on one of the most important days of your life, is that what you want? No, so crack the whip and let’s get started.

How to Get Everything Done the Week Before the Wedding

One week until one of the biggest days of you life. How are you going to get everything done without going crazy? Try to stay calm, organize and delegate. Remember to keep things in perspective, enjoy this moment. You have planned for so long, it is finally here. You will wake up next week with a whole new life before you. But still you still have to get through this week. Let’s face it the stress of a wedding can get to anyone! So what can you do to stay sane and happy? The success of the week before the weddings begins not that week but a few weeks before! Here are a few tips:

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