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The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

The whole reason for the day is the fact that you have found the love of your life. The most important moment is when you say, “I DO.” It is the moment when two lives join. Two families unite and a new generation is born, that is awesome. There is so much focus put on the dress, the reception, and the flowers; let us not forget the most important part of the day. Let’s talk Ceremony.

Let’s Talk Money, “How much is this Reception gonna cost?”

Well we have to get down to it. How much will this reception cost? We have chosen two unique venues in Bloomington; Bloomington Center for the Perfroming Arts and the Davis Lodge at Lake Bloomington. We have our budget set and we think it is pretty generous. We just watched the latest “My Fairytale Wedding” and we know exactly what we want. Now we have to do is figure out if we can afford it!

Start Planning Today!